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Sharing updates from the studio as well as some storytelling and history lessons about all of our favourite artists and movements.

Gauguin — A student of nature

Paul Gaugin's life has always been along with the exotic and unconventional world. Born in 1848 in Paris, the French painter, considered one of the exponents of post-impressionism, influenced great...

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Egon Schiele: Between Art Nouveau and Viennese Modernism

Naked Man: Self-Portrait by Egon Schiele   ‘No erotic work of art is filth if it is artistically significant; it is only turned into filth through the beholder if he...

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Édouard Manet and the Birth of Impressionism

Early years Edward Manet was born on January 23rd 1832 in Paris. He came from a family of lawyers and clerks, but young Edward showed no interest in the official...

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How Henri Rousseau became one of the most important and revolutionary painters of the 20th century

      Henri Rousseau, one of the most original painters of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, also known as the le Douanier (Customs Officer), was born...

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