B2B / Wholesale / Trade Information

If you are a store owner, architect, interior designer, or in the home decor field and would like to stock our motifs or have exciting ideas for collaborations—we look forward to hearing from you.

At Kuriosis, we offer a catalogue of over 5000 motifs for you to choose from; everything from old encyclopaedic lithographs, classic artwork, new collaborations & original designs from our atelier.

As a reseller, you can purchase prints from us in DIN sizes A3 to A0. We print everything in Berlin “on-demand” and ready to ship within 3 – 5 days. We provide large discounts 40-50% off our retail price. 

You can check out our new dedicated website kuriosis.trade which features the best of the best from our catalogue, already-market tested for your customers! 

If you are interested, just email us for a password to complete your purchase! Get in touch with us through info@kuriosis.com with any queries! We are here to help!