Ukraine Flower Market Art Poster

Posters for Peace

A collection of posters celebrating & encouraging peace. This collection has been created in collaboration with a Ukrainian charity with 4 poster designs from Andrew Nedzvedsky, a Ukrainian designer who initiated this project with us.
All profits from the sale of these posters will go directly to EFOOD.ORG a project set up by the Non-governmental organization IZHA KHARKIVYANAM / FOOD FOR KHARKIV RESIDENT, founded in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine to help the residents receive food, medical supplies and much more as fast as possible:
"Our goal is to help people in Kharkiv. We raise funds to buy food, medicine, hygiene products, baby nutrition, etc. We also accept humanitarian aid from all over the world. We buy or pick up food, then we pack it and deliver it around the city."
Please buy a poster today & help people directly in Ukraine 🇺🇦

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