Which is for you: Cotton Canvas or Fine Art Paper?

Fine Art Paper or Cotton Canvas?


This question is by far the most common one we receive from you, our beloved customer. Therefore, we believe it is time to make a post entirely dedicated to the difference between both materials and which one is more suitable depending on your taste and interest. Also, we include more relevant data regarding sizes and what you can use to hang them.


Differences Between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper
Left: Paper
Right: Canvas

We begin by saying both materials are outstanding. It is only a matter of taste and nothing else. We will talk about both of them in detail, so you have a better understanding of what cotton canvas and paper are. Apart from that, we will give you some leads to the process of printing so, again; you can brag with all your friends when you tell them about these beautiful prints.


When it comes to ink, you have nothing to worry. We print by using thermal inkjet printers, and they have the latest chromolithography technology, also known as the method for making multi-colour prints. These inks are pigment inks and are the best for your buy since they are waterproof and UV resistant. Apart from that, they can even last more than a life without fading not even one bit.


Having that said, we move to the material. Which is the most recommendable, cotton canvas or paper? Unfortunately, we cannot choose over your taste, but we will tell you all about them so you can make a choice based on your interest. Nevertheless, if you are still not sure which of the two you prefer, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will do our best to help you.




Both of them are available in al the different sizes we produce. And since we mentioned that and if you have some second thoughts about which print size is better for your home decor, here you have each one of the dimensions and also a comparative photo with some of them. That might give you an idea of how it would look in your home. 



Print sizes comparison


Fine Art Paper:


Fine Art Paper has vivid colours, mostly yellow, magenta and cyan. When you see prints with a wide range of different colours on the lithograph, fine art paper will not disappoint you. Given the material, all of them look incredibly clean. The colours are vibrant and full of life. If you want to have a print that looks alive and with all the complete detail of the image itself, is your go-to choice.

 Differences between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper

Apart from that, our paper is super easy to hang. You can frame it to protect it more -even if that is not needed- and it will give a whole new design. It goes perfect with classic frame designs and in white and black colours. If you don’t want to hang it, you can dangle it on your wall only by using tape in the back part of the print to not damage it.


difference between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper


Cotton Canvas:

Cotton Canvas can be your option if you go for a more vintage look. The quality of the ink is the same in both of them, but in cotton canvas is less glossy and it looks more vintage.


Differences between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper


It is also water-resistant and waterproof. That means that you can have all your prints in your kitchen or even your bathroom exposed to humid conditions and it will remain the same. Probably you will not hang it in the courtyard, but even if that was your intention, you could also do that. Here you can watch a video of its potential.

Differences between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper


Furthermore, cotton canvas has texture, and it is easier to stretch. It is also the exact material used in museums and most of the exhibitions. In other words, it would be like having a piece of a museum at home.


Differences between Cotton Canvas and Fine Art Paper