From the market to your home.

What began as a way to survive, selling prints at the art markets in Berlin; gradually grew into a global business providing over 60,000 customers with over 150,000 prints during the pandemic and since.

A huge part of the history of Kuriosis is founded in the restoration & reinvigoration of archival images. We have spent many years searching through archives, old books and encyclopedias to introduce new and exciting works to our customers that otherwise may be lost in time


It all started when we found a beautiful jellyfish illustration in an old encyclopedia. We began to make postcards from many of the vintage themes. They were all made by hand and sold every week at the different art markets in Berlin. When we first started this business, printing in our spare room at our house and selling at the markets, we had the same determination and motivation we have today.

In 2018, as the business of KURIOSIS progressed, we began to buy complete sets of German and French encyclopaedias. We would also research copyright issues and all aspects of the public domain. Eventually, we bought over 100 books sourcing them from EBay, the internet, old ladies who kept them in their basement—sometimes in perfect condition!


The 2019 Christmas market was a game changer.

We spent countless hours selling posters. Every week at the Turkish Market on Tuesday and Friday. Every Thursday and Saturday at Hackescher Markt. Every Saturday and Sunday at Kunstmarkt am Zeughaus in Museum Island. Not to mention Mauerpark on Sunday.

On our own, we raised enough capital to found the company


Our business had grown tremendously since 2020, when the pandemic began. Everyone was at home, and everyone wanted to redecorate. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to work when other businesses were locked down.


The business has grown so much that we needed to move into a bigger place at Sonnenallee, 90. Berlin. An old 220m2 factory building in the heart of Berlin's bustling Sonnenallee in Neukölln. We realized that our business model was built on the millions of public domain images available online in old books, libraries, and public archives. 

However, we felt that we should benefit not just the dead artists but the living ones too. In the same year, we started to move our passion towards supporting living artists and working with an array of contemporary photographers, illustrators and fine artists in a collaborative way.

That's where the concept of Support Living Artists came from. We want to give back to all the artists working with us.


At the beginning of 2022, we already had partnerships with around 30 artists from 15 different countries. So we decided to open a space dedicated to them and promote these artists with monthly art exhibitions.

We are grateful for the opportunities Germany, as a thriving democracy, afforded us and also, as South Americans / Europeans, we bring our mix of creativity. Tango with Samba with a touch of Italian Tarantella and perhaps some Portuguese roots.

Since our beginning, we have cultivated an environment of curating and restoring art, making it understandable, accessible and affordable for our customers. The ethos of Kuriosis is rooted in a passion for the historical impact of the art we have curated and a commitment to only using the highest quality materials.

This allows us to guarantee outstanding quality for every print that leaves our atelier; printed, cut, wrapped and carefully packed with love and sent to you!